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Sound Bath Experience 

Experience an unforgettable sound journey for  deep relaxation, introspection and  rejuvenation. 

Thomas has carefully curated the finest instruments he could find to give you a rich and powerful experience with the healing sounds of gongs, Tibetan bowls,  deep bass drums and handpans,


In a comfortable and serene environment, you will be immersed in a combination of sounds and music for a rich blissful meditative sound experience. All you need to do is relax with an open mind and let the sounds  take you deep into your inner journey, 

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  * Sound Baths  ~ public weekly gatherings, some include tea ceremonies 

          (Locations vary so contact Thomas to be put on his email list)

     * Private Couples/Group Sound Bath Events~ plus the option to include a behind the scenes exploration

     * Corporate Events ~ give your workforce an opportunity to destress and refocus while bringing an              intentional presence to your event

    * Special Events and Ceremonies ~ weddings, intentional celebrations and end of life rituals 

    * House Concerts ~  host an event at your house and give your friends  an experience they will never forget 

    * Psychedelic Journeys ~ longer sounds bath journeys for this new and exciting therapy, Provides sound experience only 

    * Yoga and Sound Meditation Retreats ~  take in the natural world while bathing in the sound ~  TBA on the website


"My experience of a sound bath with Thomas was deeply relaxing, calming, and meditative. With closed eyes, one experiences his skillful weaving of tone, volume, and tempo as something of a journey that ultimately lands one on restful shores. I believe the sound bath experience can be an effective tool for those both exploring mindfulness and/or meditation and for those interested in expanding their mindfulness and meditation repertoire." 

                             -  Honora Hanley, PhD. Clinical Psychologist 

I had a really enjoyable experience and enjoyed paying attention when there was high contrast, moving from one type of instrument to another. I LOVED when Thomas came near me so I could experience the physical vibrations of the drum and chimes. I felt very relaxed and open afterwards and slept really well that night.  Sensory/sound and vibrational journeying is a delightful portal of healing, allowing my nervous system to recalibrate. 

                         -  Dr Rose Naturopathic Cabinet Medicine

I felt completely relaxed and charged, cleared and settled, the sound bath shook my psychic rug. Thank you!”                              - Sue Vasher, public teacher