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Sound Bath Experience 


Experience an unforgettable sound journey for  deep relaxation, introspection and  rejuvenation. 

Thomas  researched and found the finest and most sought after sound healing instruments he could find  to give you a rich and powerful experience with the healing sounds of gongs, Tibetan bowls,  deep bass drums and handpans. These instruments can be very powerful as there are lots of science that show that these instruments have calming effects and can bring you into a deep state of meditation. His  background in creating music for travel films and theater has greatly influenced his approach to sound baths.

In a comfortable and serene environment, you will be immersed in a combination of sounds and music for a rich blissful meditative sound experience. All you need to do is relax with an open mind and let the sounds  take you deep into your inner journey, 




"My experience of a sound bath with Thomas was deeply relaxing, calming, and meditative. With closed eyes, one experiences his skillful weaving of tone, volume, and tempo as something of a journey that ultimately lands one on restful shores. I believe the sound bath experience can be an effective tool for those both exploring mindfulness and/or meditation and for those interested in expanding their mindfulness and meditation repertoire." 

                             -  Honora Hanley, PhD. Clinical Psychologist 

I had a really enjoyable experience and enjoyed paying attention when there was high contrast, moving from one type of instrument to another. I LOVED when Thomas came near me so I could experience the physical vibrations of the drum and chimes. I felt very relaxed and open afterwards and slept really well that night.  Sensory/sound and vibrational journeying is a delightful portal of healing, allowing my nervous system to recalibrate. 

                         -  Dr Rose Naturopathic Cabinet Medicine

I felt completely relaxed and charged, cleared and settled, the sound bath shook my psychic rug. Thank you!”                              - Sue Vasher, public teacher 

I worked with Thomas Schroyer on creating a guided meditation healing CD, and he was absolutely fantastic to work with!!  Thomas is highly creative, flexible, very professional, and was a pleasure to work with!!! I highly recommend him!

                             - Jackie Paris Psychotherapist