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Thomas Schroyer began playing in the early 90s after discovering world music while working and traveling in SE Asia. His passion for percussion lead him to study in India, Cuba  and the Middle East.  His repertoire expanded through the years into playing hammer dulcimer, marimba, Persian santoor, piano, accordion, and other percussion instruments.

Thomas has been a daily yoga practitioner since being certified as a Sivananda yoga teacher in 2001.  It was a natural progression to integrate his music with the meditative arts and create his musical group “The Lively Yin.” They performed the WAVE, a sound bath/ecstatic dance combination throughout the NW and Thomas also worked as a musician for ecstatic poetry concerts. 

Thomas’ work  also includes being music director for “Theater of the Invisible”, and composing music for several travel films. He has also performed in venues such as Portland Art Museum, Portland State University, Oregon Country Faire, Beloved Festival, Breitenbush Retreat Center, and yoga studios/retreats in Mexico and throughout the US.

After a virus greatly diminished his hearing in his left ear in 2009, he transitioned to  performing silent and physical theater but continued to use music as a catalyst for his work. All changed in 2018 when he discovered  the “spaceship" ~  a rare steel percussion like xylophone called a handpan, which he could hear through its resonating vibrations and triple overtones. 

Feeling very fortunate to return back to his passion, Thomas now devotes the majority of his time playing handpan and doing sound baths. His vision is to take the listener into an ecstatic meditative journey using eastern tunings with his melodies and trance rhythm.