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Thomas Schroyer started playing music in the 90s when world music first made its debut in the western world. Travels and studies in world percussion took him to India, Cuba  and the Middle East which deeply influenced his tribal gypsy music on stages, and in film and theater.  But  when a virus took his hearing in his left ear in 2009, he transitioned to  performing  silent theater continuing to use music as a catalyst for his work. All changed in 2018 with he discovered  the "spaceship" ~a  steel percussion xylophone called a handpan  in which he could hear through its resonating vibrations  and triple overtones. 

Thomas was the music director for “Theater of the Invisible”, creating live original compositions for three seasons and his music has been featured on travel films. He has also  played in venues such as Portland Art Museum, Portland State University, Oregon Country Faire, Beloved Festival, Breitenbush Retreat Center, and yoga studios/retreats in Mexico and throughout the US.


Feeling very fortunate to return back to his passion, Thomas now devotes the majority of his time playing his handpans, gongs and deep bass drums. His vision is to take the listener to an ecstatic  meditative state using eastern tunings and intoxicating trance rhythms.