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Event/Wedding Offerings 

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How can you make your event an unforgettable experience for your guests?


 Some Extraordinary  Possibilities:

Rare Collection of Instruments

Thomas  researched and found the finest and most sought after musical instruments he could find in the world. Price was not an issue since his vision was clear at the beginning  - “To give the most powerful  sound experience possible”. His collection consists of -  curated hand selected Tibetan bowls from Nepal, world class Halo Handpans from the US,  the RAV tongue drum from Russia and the most prestigious gongs in the world from Paiste. 

Handpan Concert

If you would like to offer your guests some music at a wedding or an event session, this immediately creates a relaxing intimate vibe that's not overpowering yet atmospheric, upbeat and magical. These instruments always seems to capture the audience’s intrigue since most people have never seen or heard the mesmerizing tones of the handpan.


Soundscapes for Ceremonies

You may also choose to customize your event with different sound healing instruments from Thomas’ collection to create ambient soundscapes for ceremonies or to symbolize your rituals with powerful sounds. The music can also be a intimate backdrop for special readings, lectures  or poetry. 


Public Speaking/Poetry

You can feel confident  to have Thomas contribute as a guest speaker/reader since  he  has  an extensive background in theater and storytelling. 


Behind The Scenes Workshop

Thomas offers a fun workshop for a behind the scenes look where you can explore the sounds of these rare instruments. These are perfect for bridal parties, small gatherings or after a concert.



* Sound Baths  ~ public weekly gatherings, some include tea ceremonies 

          (Locations vary so contact Thomas to be put on his email list)

     * Private Couples/Group Sound Bath Events~ plus the option to include a behind the scenes exploration

     * Corporate Events ~ give your workforce an opportunity to destress and refocus while bringing an              intentional presence to your event

    * Special Events and Ceremonies ~ weddings, intentional celebrations and end of life rituals 

    * House Concerts ~  host an event at your house and give your friends  an experience they will never forget 

    * Psychedelic Journeys ~ longer sounds bath journeys for this new and exciting therapy, Provides sound experience only 

    * Yoga and Sound Meditation Retreats ~  take in the natural world while bathing in the sound ~  TBA on the website