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What is a Sound Bath & Is it right for you?

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Every sound bath is a little different depending upon who is facilitating them and what instruments are being used but essentially the common goal of a sound bath is for you to relax and to bring you into a meditative state. In most cases means you’ll be laying down on your back or what ever position is most comfortable.

And don’t worry you won’t get wet, it’s about bathing in the sound waves of ancient healing instruments. There’s loads of scientific research showing the many mental and physical health benefits so I won’t get too deep with this except to say that the feedback I’ve received from almost all my participants is that they go into a deep state of relaxation and feel invigorated afterwards.

Often the sound healer will begin with a short introduction and perhaps a mediation to help guide you in to the experience lasting anywhere from 45-90 minutes with the average being about 50-60 minutes.

Music has always been a potential way for people to relax and go into a different state energetically, so by adding intention, sound baths can be very powerful. Although sound baths may not always be musical or about the ‘song’, they tend be more about ways of playing the healing instruments and the orchestration and flow of these sounds.

Most of the instruments used in a sound bath such as bowls, drums, flutes, and vocals, have been used for thousands of years in rituals and in healing ceremonies and perhaps one of the oldest healing instrument, the gong is thought to be around since the bronze age. Newer instruments like the handpan which was created in the 1990’s has been a great addition to this family of healing instruments particularly the better quality handpans since they tend to create a triple overtone and can be quite mesmerizing.

Times are challenging these days and its understandable why sound baths have become more popular in recent years. Now they can be found in most cities particularly in yoga studios and meditation retreats. The website seems to be a great place to start in finding sound bath offerings in your area.

So is it right for you? I would suggest at least trying a sound bath if you are interested in finding ways to relax and finding different meditation methods. As I mentioned, intention is important so coming with an open mind could create a deeper experience. Let me know your thoughts.

Be well!

- Thomas

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